Good Light Vs. Bad Light

Everything you do in photography depends on light.  The word photograph is literally Greek for drawing with light.  How good your photo will be is totally dependent on whether you find good light or bad light.  Here are some example images illustrating this.  The video is currently under production.  Please stop by again to see it. Thank you for your patience!


A. Directional light from above midday is unflattering. B. Open shade provides diffuse light. C. Most photographers prefer directional diffused light that you get at the golden hour.


Architecture looks more dramatic and three dimensional with light at the golden hour


Beautiful diffuse directional light can be found under overhangs.


You can use the sun to create artistic lens flare


A. Side light shows off texture and gives images a three dimensional look B. Front light diminishes texture and gives a flattened out effect


Different angles of light give varying effects


The light available outside at noon is not flattering at all and is so intense it makes people squint and gives them bad hotspots and dark shadows.



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