Some concepts in photography are easier to explain with the addition of a helpful video rather than just the text in the book. Below is a listing by chapter of the videos referred to in How To Get Off the Green Auto Setting.

Chapter 1: The Basics

How Shutter Curtains Work in a dSLR

Focal Length

Diopter Dial

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Camera

How to Properly Hold Your dSLR Camera

Green Auto Setting Exercise

Chapter 3: Preset Modes

When to Use Presets

Chapter 4: Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

Shutter Exposure Exercise

ISO Exposure Exercise

Aperture Exposure Exercise

Autofocus Modes

Focus and Recompose

Using Other Focus Points

Relative Distance and How it Affects Depth of Field

Chapter 5: Exposure Triangle

Shutter Speed Exercise

1-Over Focal Length Rule for Shutter Speed Selection

Aperture Exercise

Chapter 6: Light Meter

Exposure Compensation

Chapter 7: Graduating to Manual Mode

Manual Mode

Chapter 8: Fine Tuning Your Images

White Balance

Chapter 9: Flash

Fill Flash

Flash Exposure Compensation

Chapter 10: Composition


Chapter 11: Good Light vs. Bad Light

Good Light Vs. Bad Light

Chapter 13: Example Situations


Newborn Photography

Child and Pet Photography

Food and Product Photography

Self Portraits and Outfits of the Day #OOTD


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